Primary Qualitative Research – Part Two

Qualitative Market Research Interviews

In part one of this series I discussed how Just The Facts uses focus groups, in depth one-on-one interviews and interviewing of executives and professionals. We deliver insights and perspectives to aid in your marketing decision making processes.

Client segments span consumer, B2B, non-profits, medical, financial, insurance, education, professional associations, political, legal and religious organizations. These are but a very few illustrations utilizing focus groups and interviews in qualitative market research:

  • Positioning, branding, packaging of new dairy line.
  • Exploration of new power tool prototypes vs. competitors.
  • Understanding why a re-launched convenience food was failing.
  • Why ailing professional segment experienced declining dental student enrollments.
  • Customer attitudes and perceptions for industrial container usage.
  • Mortgage customers purchase decision process of financial options.
  • Consumer needs and interests regarding lawn and garden items.
  • Doctors and nurses views on hospital environments.
  • TV, radio and billboard assessment for new hospital branding campaign.
  • Children/preteen’s game, toy and hobby concepts appeal.
  • Product name ideation for a major cereal.
  • Manufacturers buying habits for facilities’ products and services.
  • Message positioning options for a political candidate.
  • Assessment of a religious organization’s key ministry area.
  • Mock jury deliberations for a high-profile professional lawsuit.

Part Two of Three.
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