Consumer Marketing Surveys – Final of Four Parts

New Mom’s Input Into Online Marketing Surveys Is Competitive

Just The Facts, Inc. ® market research looked at the issue of incentives for online panel surveys…  “It’s really crazy, now” our source related, “incentive-wise, it’s a whole new ball-game as well.  It used to be you could get respondents to participate for ‘points’ the equivalent of say, $.50 cents to $1.00 depending on the length and complexity of the survey.  Now, people value their time much more highly.  And they have such hectic lives and competition for their time is greater than ever.”

One example of increasingly hard to reach audience is ‘new moms’… “the tension is between balancing realistic consumer researcher target audience desires and the reality of being able to obtain them.  Young moms is a classic example. A client asks for those with kids 0-6 months and the incidence level for that is low to begin with, and then you throw in the dynamics of trying to capture that target.  If you think about it, these are really harried individuals, especially if they are still working too.  They come home from work, and they’re exhausted, the last thing they want to do is participate in some survey worth ‘X’ points that ultimately gives them some benefit once they accumulated enough to be of any value.

Phone and Mall Intercept Surveys

So, as Just The Facts, Inc. ® market research continues to monitor this research method we’re forced to ask, is the online panel survey model still viable, given our society and its instant gratification mentality, then pared with consumers’ time deprivation?  Just The Facts ® believes that there will definitely be a place for online panel surveys, but we just urge caution in its usage as well as renewed consideration of both traditional phone surveys and mall intercept surveys.

Bottom line consideration…  how important is it to your firm that sound business decisions are made, versus just getting the research “done quickly?”

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