Mystery Shopping Solutions To Optimize Customer Experience

Our proven shopping methods provide client solutions resulting in satisfied, loyal customers, repeat business, and bottom-line profitability for your operations.

Mystery Shopping Solutions To Optimize Customer Experience

Mystery Shopping Solutions

Why You Should Partner With Just The Facts Market Research For Your Mystery Shopping Solutions

  • Just The Facts Market Research, For Optimal Customer Experience in Mystery Shopping

    Our proprietary mystery shopping begins with our knowledge, quality, and dedication to providing clients with actionable findings. That’s why Just The Facts Mystery Shopping Group is your optimal choice for innovative customer experience.

    Our Mystery Shopping Solutions help drive clients business to optimal performance, resulting in satisfied loyal customers, repeat business, and bottom-line profitability.

    Clients appreciate JTF’s unique ability to develop clear strategic and tactical mystery shopping solutions that guide sound decision making. Our Just The Facts Market Research team “goes the extra mile” for our partners seeking to create the ultimate customer experience in their businesses.
  • Optimal Customer Experience Solutions Tailored to Clients Needs

    Every Mystery Shopping partnership with Just The Facts Market Research begins with a thorough strategic analysis and assessment of our clients baseline status, individual needs, direction, and end goals.

    Just The Facts Market Research proprietary 4-step strategic process consists of client: a) understanding, b) learning, c) analysis, and d) execution. Through this process, Just The Facts Market Research measures employee effectiveness, strengths-weaknesses, and opportunities. Key data points are gathered on employee and business assessment that leads to optimal customer experience.

    Our Mystery Shopping solutions are much more than just gathering data. We interpret, understand, and use that data to propel our clients’ business to the forefront of excellence, improved customer experience and ultimately greater revenues, profits, and ROI.
  • Comprehensive Exposure to Wide Range of Industries

    Just The Facts Mystery Shopping and Optimal Customer Experience Solutions provide flexibility and customized adaption to perform across a wide range of segments:
  • Grocery, Drug and Mass Merchandisers
  • Convenience and Gas-Go Outlets
  • Quick Service, Casual & Full Service Dining
  • Hotels & Hospitality
  • Banks, Financial & Insurance
  • Real Estate, Leasing and Apartments
  • Medical, Hospitals, Healthcare, Walk-in Clinics
  • Assisted Living, Long Term & Memory Care Facilities
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Home Improvement & Office Supply
  • Manufacturers and Distributors
  • Department & Specialty Retail Chains
  • Airlines, Rental Car, Cruise & Resorts
  • Health & Fitness Centers
  • Retail Businesses of All Types
  • Many Others with Unique Focus
  • Quality Shoppers, Means Quality Findings and Actionable Results

    Just The Facts Market Research achieves exceptional results because our experienced Mystery Shoppers have been trained with time-tested methods to assure high quality execution and quick-turnaround of findings.

    With over 250,000 U.S. shoppers and more worldwide, JTF Mystery Shopping provides clients with “one-stop” global coverage!”

    Our “Optimal Customer Experience Performance Measurement” process combines a wealth of proprietary tools for monitoring, analysis and reporting of key findings. Individual Mystery Shops are captured through innovative web-based systems with custom-tailored dashboard capabilities. Using our knowledge sharing and strategic assessment, this process identifies growth opportunities throughout your customer touch-points and employee interactions.

    Every client Mystery Shopping engagement begins with high level consultation of each client’s unique situation, then we individually map a plan for Optimal Customer Experience!

To discuss your project needs, call us today at 847-506-0033 for a FREE consultation!

What is Mystery Shopping and Optimal Customer Experience Measurement?

Just The Facts Mystery Shopping Process provides a comprehensive inspection of daily customer interactions. We monitor employees in-person and phone effectiveness and gain insight on how competitors stack up in service, selection, pricing, and merchandising abilities.

When properly conducted, Mystery shopping is designed to guide our clients’ business to new levels of customer satisfaction and optimal experience every time they enter your premises.

Our proven in-depth, Mystery Shopping tactics help our clients see their business through the lens of their customers. JTF helps you understand the customer experience every time they walk into your business.

Our proprietary “Customer Service Performance Measurement” techniques make it possible to gather unique insights on just how successfully our clients are interacting with their customers..

Just The Facts’ Market Research Background in Mystery Shopping and Optimal Customer Experience Solutions

Partnering with our retail and service business clients, Just The Facts Market Research is a leading provider for Mystery Shopping and Optimal Customer Experience Solutions.

With over 250,000 dedicated and well-trained Mystery Shopping associates world-wide, JTF monitors, analyzes, and reports your business performance to ensure consistency and competency throughout the enterprise.

Our Mystery Shopping Solutions Provide Complete Turn-key Customer Experience Measurement.

Call us today at 847-506-0033 for a FREE consultation to gain “YOUR COMPETITIVE EDGE!” in Mystery Shopping and Optimal Customer Experiences


Client companies use our Global Product Pickup™ and shopping service when they need competitive or benchmarking product samples for internal evaluation, benchmark comparisons, or competitive and research needs.

Our international network conducts product pickups & shopping in North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Additionally, we can also execute store distribution, shelf placement and product merchandising analysis in the global market place.

JTF Research can investigate the market for target products or services. We learn how they are displayed and priced and sales presentation techniques. We obtain product literature and sometimes even photos of stores, outlets and distribution centers.


  • Haircare Appliances from multiple countries in Asia, Europe and US
  • Cemetery, funeral home and grave site markers; product offerings and services including pricing
  • Home & small office water purification products and systems sold in Asia, Europe & US
  • Maintenance, parts and supplies purchasing, including tracking of shipping time, completeness of orders and costs, conducted for a major US distributor of MRO solutions
  • Purchased & analyzed wide range of natural health, vitamins and supplement products sold through health stores/national chains, as well as items in Big Box stores, grocery and chain drug across the US


Call us today at 847-506-0033 for a FREE consultation to gain “YOUR COMPETITIVE EDGE!” in Global Product Pick-up

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