This recent Chicago Channel 7- ABC video discusses the close gubernatorial race in Illinois. In the video, Bruce Tincknell of Just The Facts Research discusses the critical importance of polling “likely voters” versus a meaningless “registered voter.” With the high level of low registered voter turnout, it’s imperative media and political polls screen for “likely voters” to have any relevance.

In this election season, households and voters are what Just The Facts Research, Inc. calls “Polled Out.”

Telephone Polling Flooding Households

During the run-up to the November election, candidates are hammering households with an over-kill and flood of telephone polling in an attempt to determine voter sentiments in Illinois and across the nation.

The frenzy is especially noticeable as the Democratically-controlled US Senate is in grave jeopardy of being lost to Republicans in this off-year election. That would leave President Obama in a lonely position with few options and greater likelihood of increased use of his “Executive Order” provision.

But in the process, voters are caught in the middle, being bombarded with phone surveys of all manner, shape and size.

Suburban registered voter Lauren Young says “thank goodness I have a cell phone, if I only had a home phone, it would be so tiresome, I’d feel like I’m under assault.”

Just How Good Are The Poll Results?

This poises campaign managers of both parties with a dilemma, “how to accurately gauge” true voter sentiment? Individuals are extremely annoyed with all the calling and as a result either not participating in polls or giving “mashable” responses to auto-dial call ups. This leads to wondering just how good the poll results really are.

In Illinois, where there is a hotly contested gubernatorial race between Democratic incumbent Pat Quinn and Republican challenger Bruce Rauner, the phones are ringing off the hook. And voter fatigue and annoyance has set in deeply with the veracity of the sheer number of calls to their homes.

The impact of this “Polled Out, Over-Kill” environment is a denigration and resistance to market research studies overall that will have far-reaching impact beyond just the election.
It is getting harder and harder to research respondents in non-election periods, and one has to wonder if all this political polling isn’t taking a toll and adding to research fatigue in general.

At Just The Facts Research, Inc we’ve seen “dial-complete rates” jump higher and higher, sometimes as much as 50-80:1. This of course, has great impact on quality of results, call center productivity and overall client budgets.

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