Consumer Marketing Surveys – Part One of Four

Just The Facts Research, Inc ® has been interested and monitoring the usage of online panels, and our learning will be of interest to most consumer researchers.

As we all know, for the past few years the rise in online panels has been dramatically on the rise, as consumer package goods firms in particular, embrace them for their quick-turn-around, flexibility, ease of use and perceived lower costs.  Online panel users, consumer companies, want quality results with speed, but increasingly we’re seeing those two aren’t necessarily coexistent at high levels.

However in the past 12-18 months, we’re seeing and hearing heightened concerns from market research clients over quality, and even diminished use of online survey panels.  We’re seeing a return to traditional phone surveys and mall intercept surveys.  Why is that?

Online surveys are “quick and dirty” and clients especially like the fast turn-around of results, BUT Just The Facts Research, Inc ® is hearing concerns over some significant quality issues that have arisen.

Online Panels by their very nature are a huge challenge for panel suppliers to maintain, retain and keep their respondent pool fresh.  And therein lies a major concern (or it should be) for consumer market researchers.  Today, according to one major online panel supplier we spoke with,  “it’s very tough to keep a solid pool of respondents that are fresh and not professional respondents.”

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