Consumer Marketing Surveys – Part Two of Four

In the first part of this I discussed whether traditional phone surveys and mall intercept surveys were returning to favor in marketing research projects as versus on line marketing survey panels. Here are some of the negatives we associate with on line surveys.

In the earlier days of online panels it was all a new, interesting, and fun endeavor for respondents.  Taking a few surveys, getting some points and redeeming them for goods or services.  But now, it’s getting “old hat”, respondents are over-used, or they are dropping out so fast, that online panel providers are constantly scrambling to refill the respondent funnel with new candidates.

Then there’s the rather hidden secret no one wants to discuss, that professional “gaming” respondent that has no real interest in the survey content or quality of response, but just completing as many surveys, as quickly as possible to get their points and loot.

For consumer researchers, these are critical issues.  The decisions they are making hinge on high quality response, as major financial investments are being made on these results.

So, how much risk is involved you ask?   At Just The Facts, Inc ® we believe it is very significant.  Unlike traditional phone surveys or mall intercept surveys, you just don’t know who is really taking your online survey.  You don’t know how qualified they really are.  You don’t really know their interest in your product or service.  And you don’t know the quality of their response.

Just The Facts, Inc ® conducts a wide range of survey methods, including online.  But increasingly, we’re seeing a return to phone surveys and mall intercept surveys.  This is because of live screening and interviewing, which just cannot be matched with online methods.  In-person interviewers can obviously determine the quality of respondent and their actual qualification to participate in a client’s survey.

So, for your next survey project, think carefully about the trade-offs of speed versus quality of response.

Consider once again, the use of phone surveys and mall intercepts along with online surveys to insure you’re getting optimal results.

How important is it to your firm that sound business decisions are made, versus just getting the research “done?”

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