Increasingly, mall intercept research is again making resurgence after falling off in usage for a few years.  Just The Facts Research, Inc ® has learned from clients that mall intercept research offers several unique capabilities, knowledge and insights that other methods can’t match as effectively.

While online web surveys are still popular, Just The Facts, Inc ® mall intercept surveys are a very solid method of research for a wide variety of market research testing needs.  Just The Facts, Inc ® has been executing mall intercepts for over 20 years across the U.S. to meet clients’ individualized needs.

Mall intercept surveys are especially useful when client’s need to have actual products viewed, evaluated or tasted (for food products).  Advertising agencies and packaging design projects are also highly effective uses of mall intercept research.  So, anytime a client wants their customer to actually see, feel, touch, and have direct interaction with their products, mall intercept research is a “go-to” methodology yielding tremendous benefits.

Mall intercept research enables highly effective means of targeting the proper audience for a given customer or population segment.   This is accomplished by evaluating the demographics of a mall’s surrounding area to determine the corresponding match with the client’s target audience.   Some mall sites are especially good for certain minority populations such as African Americans, Hispanic, Latinos and Asian segments.  Mall intercept research also provides relatively quick turnaround of market research projects, especially when testing is spread among multiple markets.

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