Primary Quantitative Research – Part One

Quantitative Market Research – Telephone Surveys

JTF Research possesses significant talents in survey research of all types including Quantitative Market Research. Our expertise is critical in designing the most optimal method to uncover fresh insights and strategic direction.

Methods employed in Quantitative Market Research depend on the individual assignment, project objectives and budget factors. They may include:

  • Mystery Shopping
  • Phone Surveys
  • Online-Web
  • Mall Intercepts

The selected methodology in Quantitative Market Research incorporates balancing the clients’ objectives, target respondents (and their ease-difficulty of access), time frames, ultimate response rate, and of course, budget.

Creating a well-crafted questionnaire provides clear understanding as to the choices and intended probing. Design of the questions themselves are done so as to avoid bias of any kind.

Administering the survey is more than just sending it to the field. Pre-testing using the proper sample lists, panel data and sample size for desired objectives are all critical for quality, meaningful results.

After fielding the study further important efforts occur in proper editing, coding and tabulation of findings and verifying those responses for accuracy.

Finally, analysis of the raw data for trends, insights and perspectives is control to providing a cohesive, thoughtful and well organized report.

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