Market Intelligence Research – Part Two

In the first segment of this two-part series on gathering market intelligence through research we stressed this tool to stay ahead of your competitors moves and satisfy your customer needs.

Market Intelligence Competitive Projects

Here are some project examples gathered in competitive market intelligence research:

  • Monthly tracking reports of 17 major competitors for an industrial services firm.
  • Discovering what a new manufacturing facility in the Midwest was to be used for on behalf of a technology firm.
  • Unraveling the depth of threat of a competitor’s new production and packaging technology, and what lead times our client had to respond.
  • Investigating customer perspectives between major mass merchandisers service levels in the home improvement, office supply and general merchandise segments.
  • Conducting “mystery shopping” calls-visits into seven competitive retail and commercial banking operations nationally.
  • Providing a comprehensive profile of twelve major global food companies.
  • Uncovering the organizational structures for marketing, R&D and sales departments of targeted consumer package goods firms.
  • Trade show visitation and interviewing at National Hardware and Lawn & Garden shows.

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