Quantitative Market Research Projects – Part Two

Client segments span consumer, B2B, non-profits, medical, financial, insurance, education, professional associations, political, legal and religious organizations. Just a few illustrations of our breadth of coverage in the area of Quantitative Market Research:

  • Concept-trial-purchase interest for new candy line
  • Pre-post flight advertising testing of consumer health product
  • Carpenter’s and electrician’s interest for wide range of power tools (12 tool segments studied)
  • Flavor choice and optimization for line extension snack item
  • In-home use test for shelf stable ingredient used in quick meal recipes
  • School district’s parent satisfaction and assessment study
  • Dental school facility’s ratings-assessments from 40 university programs nationwide
  • Community needs-interest survey for a suburban park district
  • Industrial storage container users perceptions of major suppliers
  • Customer satisfaction at leading “Big Box” mass merchandisers and how to substantially improve
  • Purchase interest between different office supplies product prototypes
  • National retailer branded credit car options-benefits for consumers and SOHO (small office-home office)
  • Customer retention and satisfaction among minority, sub-prime
  • mortgage consumers
  • Children and mothers purchase interest for a new line of snack cake
  • items
  • Home improvement do-it-yourselfers behaviors-purchase activities for products

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